Stop wearing uncomfortable dentures that don't fit, and get your Natural Smile back
Nobody likes the idea of getting dentures. Who wants to deal with the hassle that come with the challenges of loosing teeth? From finding a good dentist who understands your fears and frustrations, to simply keeping them clean, it can be just a giant headache.

You want to find a dentist that has the experience working with people just like you. You also want dentures that are comfortable and natural looking, but you aren't convinced that something like that exists.

At Second Smile Denture Care, we believe you should be able to wear dentures with confidence. We also believe that you should have dentures that don't look like dentures. We want you to flash a natural, comfortable smile.

A better, more comfortable smile is only a phone call away.
"Amazing! There are angels among us! The most caring Doctor I have ever met and the staff is just as caring and amazing. I am so very glad I found them."
"Dr. Yeoman gave me the confidence to leave the house and be social again. I can't wait to go get pizza with my friends."

"People tell me that I look amazing suddenly, but they don't realize Dr. Yeoman just made me new dentures. They look so natural that people just think I seem happy and rested."
Meet With Our Friendly Team
Come in and spend some one on one time with us so we can get to know what's important to you and how you want to look.
We Create Your Custom Smile
Working together with Dr. Dana, you can rebuild the smile you once loved or create the smile you never had. Then Dr. Dana personally hand crafts a natural smile as unique as you.
Eat And Smile With Confidence
Your new smile will provide you with a new lease on life. You can start enjoying the foods you love, smiling proudly for pictures, and confidently eating in public again. 
Second Smile Denture Care
Dr. Dana Yeoman
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